Our Articles Published by Toray Corporate Business Research Inc.

A number of articles (Japanese) written by our consultants and instructors are published by Toray Corporate Business Research Inc., a think tank specializing in the manufacturing industry.

Leadership Theory and Practical Leadership Development
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)

Required Skills for Global Business Persons and their development:What are the 5Q’s?
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)

Causes of and Solutions to Intra-corporate Conflict: Assessing the Three Characteristics That Move a Company
(by EQPartners Instructor Kazushi Wakabayashi)

Creation and Destruction seen in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry

(by EQPartners Instructor Satoshi Hayashima)

Social Business and CSV: Solving Social Problems Through Business
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)