Professors, Lecturers, and Consultants

Tetsuya Abe Professor of Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration

Tetsuya Abe is the founder and CEO of EQ Partners, Inc. and a professor of Rikkyo Graduate School’s Business Administration program. His particular concern is leadership development.

He holds a B.A. in law from Chuo University and an MBA from Bond University. He is also an experienced consultant and trainer, specializing in human resource development. He has consulted with both global and domestic companies such as NEC, NTT, Toshiba, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sumitomo, and Lotte as well as The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), a technical cooperation organization. His seminars center upon leadership skills and global perspectives for executives from various countries of Asia and the world. His customer-oriented coaching skills are based on his own work experience at Panasonic in Japan and Hong Kong, with the goal of the betterment of international society. His courses are provided both in Japanese and English.Rikkyo Graduate School’s profile

World-Class Leadership (2011)
ワールドクラス・リーダーシップ (2009)
カルロスゴーン流 リーダーシップコーチングのスキル (2003)ビジネスデザインと経営学(2016)課長の心得(2017)

Eichi Kasahara Professor of Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration

Eichi Kasahara received his MBA and MIM from the Thunderbird Business School and has had cross-cultural experience in working as a fund manager for an institutional investor based in Japan and the US. Afterwards, he worked at the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan, where he promoted projects in creating policies that would aid small-sized companies in their growth. Then he joined Fuji Research Institution Corporation (now Mizuho Information and Research Institute). There, he worked to support domestic and overseas startups and small and mid-sized growth companies. He played an essential role in corporate communication problem solving, and assisted in a wide range of activities from R&D, marketing, branding, and sales to IPOs and M&As

Eichi is now involved in projects that include consulting for R&D management and marketing and holds lectures at the MBA level at Rikkyo University’s Design Research Department.

現代マーケティングの革新と課題 (2005)
経営学が面白いほど分かる本 (2004)
経営相談全書 (2002)
ベンチャー創造のダイナミックス (2000)
産業財マーケティング・マネジメント(訳書) (2009)

Satoshi Hayashima

Graduated from BOND University MBA program and worked at Yokogawa Electronics’ R&D department and researched in the girl of industrial network devices. Also worked in the international marketing division and focused on branding and mid-term management planning.
Later founded Biz and Naxi and Company and became the marketing director.

His main focuses are: strategy implementation, logical thinking, leadership development, managership and facilitation.

His strength is his positive attitude, and his ability to articulate the framework for the client’s best understanding.

ドラッカーが教える問題解決のセオリー (2011)
ドラッカーが教える 実践マーケティング戦略 (2011)
売上を伸ばし続けるにはワケがある 営業マネジャーの教科書 (2010)

Terumi Laskowsky Lecturer of Temple University

Terumi Laskowsky is a specialist in information security, including compliance, policy, application, host, and network security. She also holds many certifications in the field of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the study of how the connections between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns developed through experience can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.

She received her MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and BSE at Arizona State University. After experience in the US Army, she has held managerial positions in multiple corporations, including being a senior systems analyst at Goldman Sachs, director at Symantec, and director at Swiss Bank Japan. Some of her NLP certifications include Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Certified NLP Coach, and Certified Practitioner of Indirect Ericksonian Hypnosis Psychotherapy and NLP. In the field of training and consulting, she has taught corporations such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, KDDI, and NTT and holds lectures at institutions such as Temple University and Waseda University.

Michael Benoliel Professor of Singapore Management University

Dr. Benoliel specializes in business negotiation, and is currently an Associate Professor at the Singapore Management University (SMU), teaching negotiation courses in the MBA and Executive MBA programs. He has been awarded with numerous honors over the course of his career, including being listed in the Lee Kong Chian Dean’s Teaching Honor List and winning the SMU Innovative Teacher Award. Dr. Benoliel is also an independent consultant and trainer in negotiation.

Prior to joining SMU, he taught at The Johns Hopkins University and at the University of Maryland University College. He received his doctorate degree in Human Resource Development from The George Washington University and his doctoral dissertation was selected as a finalist to the Donald Bullock Award.

Dr. Benoliel was trained at the Harvard Business School in the Participant Centered Learning method. He is also a certified mediator (Key-Bridge Mediation Center) and a certified trainer in Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). In 1991 he received the Special Achievement Award from The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD, D.C.Chapter).

In addition, Dr. Benoliel has edited and authored numerous books, one of which has been selected by “The Chicago Tribune” as one of the best business books of 2005. He has also appeared on media interviews by ABC News, Bloomberg Television, BusinessWeek, and many others.

Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making (2011)
The Upper Hand: Winning Strategies from World-class Negotiators (2006)
Done Deal: Insights from Interviews with the World’s Best Negotiators (2005)

Mio Takahashi

Mio Takahashi is an EQJ Official Profiler. She has worked as the sectional officer for the President’s office and as a project leader at Sakura Golf. Some of her other experiences include working on the project managing team and EQ project team at Pasona and supported career development. She has also worked as a consultant and lecturer for various other firms.

Her main focuses are EQ development, leadership training, coaching training, and career development She has a high reputation on her EQ science program and communication.

Ohara Tatsuaki Associate Professor of Business Breakthrough University Graduate School

Ohara Tatsuaki has worked at PriceWaterhouse from 1998 to 2004 and founded Ohara Public Accounting Firm in 2004. In addition, he has worked in the internal consulting business since 2005 and later became an associate professor at Business Breakthrough University. Has also served as management research lecturer at Hosei University. Currently, he works as the CEO at Artepartners Inc.

His strengths lie in accounting for businesses, finance training, sales, internal consulting, and educational training.


Kazushi Wakabayashi

After working at a US Think Tank, Kazushi Wakabayashi experienced working as an overseas representative in Sri Lanka for the Japan Center of Conflict Prevention. He took part as a general supervisor in the start-up of MBA programs at the University of South California and the BOND University Graduate School. He also has experience of instructing seminars with management consultant Ohmae Kenichi.

With his rich experiences of lecturing and consulting both overseas and in Japan, he specializes in lecturing global negotiation and management control in both English and Japanese.

プロフェッショナルを演じる仕事術 (2011)
MBA流チームが勝手に結果を出す仕組み (2013)