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Social Business EQPartners Receives Official Certificate of Yunus Social Business Company

Our group company Social Business EQPartners received an official certificate certifying that it is a social business by Yunus Social Business, run by the founder of the Grameen bank and Nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Social Business EQPartners is the first company in Japan in the educational field that is certified as a social business. We hope to reflect the values of social business through our training and consulting services.

Social Business EQPartners provides these services listed below:
1)Training and consulting services in social business for companies and organizations
2)Education about social business for colleges, high schools, and elementally schools etc.
3)Provide know-how and technologies of Japanese companies to developing countries
Please contact us if you have any questions concerning Social Business, support, training, consulting, and other services
Social Business EQPartners:
TEL: 03-5463-6525

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Social Business EQPartners HP:

(Photo taken in 2014. Director Tetsuya Abe and Muhammad Yunus at the Grameen Bank)ソーシャルビジネス,モハメドユヌス

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Our Articles Published by Toray Corporate Business Research Inc.

A number of articles (Japanese) written by our consultants and instructors are published by Toray Corporate Business Research Inc., a think tank specializing in the manufacturing industry.

Leadership Theory and Practical Leadership Development
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)

Required Skills for Global Business Persons and their development:What are the 5Q’s?
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)

Causes of and Solutions to Intra-corporate Conflict: Assessing the Three Characteristics That Move a Company
(by EQPartners Instructor Kazushi Wakabayashi)

Creation and Destruction seen in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry

(by EQPartners Instructor Satoshi Hayashima)

Social Business and CSV: Solving Social Problems Through Business
(by EQPartners Director Tetsuya Abe)

Director Tetsuya Abe Co-authored Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration’s 15th Anniversary Publication “Business Design and Management”

Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA) published “Business Design and Management” as a commemorative publication for its 15th anniversary on November 20th, 2016. Director Tetsuya Abe authored chapter 8, “Leadership Theory.”

Article on Homepage of Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration

Tetsuya Abe instructs the courses listed below at Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration

・Leadership Theory 1 and 2
・Entrepreneurship mindset and skills
・Business Negotiation: Theory and Application
・Japanese Businesses and Career Design
・Master’s Thesis Instruction etc.

New Article Published on the Nikkei Newspaper Website

A new article was published for “Our Company’s Young Leaders,” a series of articles written by Tetsuya Abe (in Japanese) on Nikkei College Cafe, an online publication geared towards college students run by the Nikkei Newspaper.

In these articles, EQ Partner’s CEO, Tetsuya Abe, reports on the interviews he had with distinguished young leaders from various companies. We hope that, through writing about young leaders’ outlooks on work, success and failure, and displays of leadership, these articles prove to be insightful and inspirational for students and anyone else wishing to improve their leadership skills.

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(7)Takuya Miyashita from Panasonic – “Self-development through the instruction of your juniors”-
Seventh Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(6)Haruka Fukui from Toyota – “Experience many things, but with a clear vision in mind”-
Sixth Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(5)Satoshi Hirooka from Sonpo Japan Nipponkoa – “Find your own strength”-
Fifth Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(4)Wakako Murakami from Ricoh – “Enjoy doing both: having a job and raising a child!”-
Forth Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(3)Hiroko Nakano from Tokyo Gas -”Get the people around you involved”-
Third Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(2)Masashi Yoshikane from Kao -”Job hunting can be a chance. Stay positive”-
Second Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(1)Haruna Kubota from Teijin -The Three Keys of Leadership-
First Article⇒