Global Human Resource Services

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Executive Search Specialized in Global Human Resources

The globalization of a company is a matter of great urgency in today’s increasingly globalized economy. By utilizing our global network (Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.), EQ Partners provide 1) individuals with experience in global business, 2) MBA holders in and out of Japan, and 3) qualified individuals with non-Japanese backgrounds that suit the needs of our client companies.

We select outstanding individuals who are or show the potential to be globally active and successful through references from top business schools in Asia and various embassies in Japan. We incorporate feedback from specialists overseas in our screening process to access and benchmark the global skills of candidates. With our expertise acquired from rich experience in human resource development, we selectively pick out individuals with excellent global skills who can become leaders in this increasingly uncertain global society and provide their service to our clients.


Support Global Business Development Through HR Solutions and Development Services

EQ Partners supports clients to improve their human resource development, administration, globalization, and genba ability (the ability for workers at the genba, the actual site of business taking place, to effectively and flexibly respond to challenges and solve problems).

By holding direct interviews with both the recruiting corporation and candidates, we minimize the discordance that may be experienced at first while the recruited individual transitions into the new environment so that he or she can quickly start contributing to the company. We also provide follow-up plans such as coaching and training to help support both parties after the recruitment. We believe a nice balance of developing human resources within a company and adopting human resource solutions from outside a company is necessary, and we support corporations to improve their organization through short and midterm viewpoints of management.



Introduction Policy – Providing customer corporations with individuals that match their global vision, strategies, and company culture

1) We examine what kind of individual would be suitable for the company’s vision, strategy, and culture while providing training and consultation.
2) We introduce skilled and talented individuals with whom we have worked with in training and other programs.

Introduced Individuals – Focus on global business management

1) Individuals experienced with business overseas, MBA holders, and individuals with a non-Japanese background.
2) Individuals versed not only in language and communication skills but also in cross-cultural understanding and adjustment, flexibility, and cooperation.

Introduction Process – Respect the clients’ needs and desires through close communication and continuous support

1) Hold direct interviews with client companies in order to fully understand the company’s vision, problems, strategies, and culture.
2) Conduct training and coaching in order to further improve the candidates skills before, during, and after the recruitment.

Selection Process – Multiple interviews to fully assess candidates

1) We always interview candidates before introduction to assess their strengths and weaknesses.
2) We look into the candidates’ individual visions, thoughts, and personality in addition to their business and technical skills.

EQ Partner’s Global Network

Past Examples

We introduced an individual with a Thai background working in the global business field after graduating a Japanese University to a Japanese consumer goods manufacturing enterprise planning to expand their business to Thailand.
We continue to support both the individual who is currently working at the head branch in Japan and the corporation through training and other follow up programs as they are preparing to expand their market to Thailand and other Southeastern Asian countries


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