A New Series of Articles about Leadership on the Nikkei Newspaper Website

We have started a series of articles called “Our Company’s Young Leaders” (written by Tetsuya Abe in Japanese) on Nikkei College Cafe, an online publication geared towards college students run by the Nikkei Newspaper.

In these articles, EQ Partner’s CEO, Tetsuya Abe, reports on the interviews he had with distinguished young leaders from various companies. We hope that, through writing about young leaders’ outlooks on work, success and failure, and displays of leadership, these articles prove to be insightful and inspirational for students and anyone else wishing to improve their leadership skills.

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(4)Wakako Murakami from Ricoh – “Enjoy doing both: having a job and raising a child!”-
Forth Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(3)Hiroko Nakano from Tokyo Gas -”Get the people around you involved”-
Third Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(2)Masashi Yoshikane from Kao -”Job hunting can be a chance. Stay positive”-
Second Article⇒ 

*Our Company’s Young Leaders(1)Haruna Kubota from Teijin -The Three Keys of Leadership-
First Article⇒ 

The EQ Partners Hong Kong Representative Office has opened

EQ Partners has set up a representative office in Hong Kong.

With offices now in Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the major business hubs of Asia, EQ Partners is in a unique position from which we will help you grasp the necessary skills to be successful in a globalized business world.

In order to provide the best education possible, EQ Partners is partnering with Asia’s number 1 business school, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School.