What we do

The Contents

1. Customized programs closely aligned with your company’s situations and needs
2. Programs which incorporate the newest in human resource development theories from leading universities in Japan and Asia and research institutions around the world, including Rikkyo University, the National University of Singapore, the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), and the Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA)

The Process

We provide interactive workshops which focus on the “individual” in order to not only allow participants to understand and comprehend but to absorb immediately useful practical knowledge and experience that will aid them in real-world situations.
Furthermore, we employ self analysis for each individual to discover their weaknesses, and in turn, we use this as material in our programs so that participants can overcome these barriers.

The Consultants

1. Hold abundant knowledge in business operations stemming from their experience as directors and high-level managers
2. Have high ability in various fields such as leadership, strategy, marketing, coaching, facilitation, and EQ
3. Employ clear and easy-to-understand coaching and facilitation

lectures can be provided in English, Japanese, and Chinese

The Follow-Up

1. The instructor sends out review emails after the training
2. The instructor answers any questions regarding the contents of the training for one to three months afterwards
3. follow-up coaching and training sessions can be provided on an individual basis

What we offer

We offer offices and services in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, the major business hubs of Asia. By gaining cultural understanding and working with top universities within the respective regions, the clients can grasp necessary skills to be successful in a globalized business world.

Global Education

We offer a cross-border and cross-cultural education catered for participants from all over the world, helping them develop essential skills to compete in the heavily integrated globalized society.

Regional Education

We focus our education in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan in order to provide the expertise necessary to work and prosper in the rapidly developing countries of Asia.

Local Education

We customize our programs to match the local characteristics and culture in order to best suit your needs in specific countries such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand

Current Programs and Workshops

Current Programs and Workshops

Leadership and Business Communication

World-Class Leadership

Grasp world class management and leadership skills to be successful in global business environments.

Self Leadership

Promote individual growth by learning about self leadership, a fundamental skill for all business persons.

Next Generation Manager & Leader Development

Targeted to future business managers; aims to develop leadership mindsets and skills needed for constant innovation.

Leadership Coaching (basics and application)

Aims to develop the skills necessary to lead teams to growth and success, an integral part of business.

Mentor Development

Aims to develop the skills necessary to train new employees by emphasizing the differences between coaching and teaching. We will motivate the trainers by explaining the benefits of training the new employees.

Business EQ

Participants will learn the importance of leadership and emotional management required to improve the team member’s communication and motivation.
We will also utilize the results of the EQ survey to effectively analyze individual leadership skills.

Stress Management

There has been an increase in the number of organizations with problems regarding the stress level
of their employees. For managers and leaders, it is critical to maintain their team members’
conditions at the highest level.
By understanding the deeper aspect of the human-organization relationship, we aim to create an
organizational culture with high stress resistance and communication to reduce the stress.

Career Development

The relationship between the firm and the employee is consistently changing. We look to develop a positive firm-employee relationship by organizing an ideal career path.

1-Day MBA Series

Human Resource

This program presents the basics of human resource management through various demonstrations.
Also, by utilizing the leadership framework, participants will develop a personalized leadership action plan.


Global business environment is rapidly changing. Key to success is developing an effective
strategy and innovating it. This program will teach the participants the necessary tools to improve their strategy development skills.


Participants will learn various marketing frameworks by utilizing effective marketing MBA
techniques. They will utilize these frameworks to develop their own marketing plan to take home.


By utilizing effective MBA accounting frameworks, participants will analyze their own firm’s


Participants will learn about the principles of present value and utilize various skills to freely solve complex models.


Participants will develop delivery skills, logical presentation development skills and slide
development skills necessary for every business person.

Logical Thinking

This program will train the necessary logical thinking skills through various examples.


Participants will understand the basic negotiation skills through experiencing various case trainings.