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EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore
[tel] +65-6866-3743
[fax] +65-6829-2121
22 February 2012
the advancement of leadership skills and human resource growth through the following:
• organizational and individual development consulting services for corporations
• training and coaching services for corporations
• seminars for educational institutions such as universities
Tetsuya Abe / Bobby Koh

Group Companies

EQ Partners, Inc. (


2002 October
Founded EQ Partners Co., Ltd.
2003 October
Changed to EQ Partners, Inc.
2011 January
Opened an office in Singapore
2012 February
Founded EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Greetings from the Directors

Tetsuya ABE

I am Tetsuya Abe, the director of EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd. I started off my career at Panasonic (then, Matsushita Electric Industrial) where I was in charge of global trade in Japan and Asia. Afterwards, I returned to school to obtain my MBA, and in 2002 I founded EQ Partners, Inc., a company which focuses on leadership development and globalization education for corporations and universities. In the globalizing world, the development of employees who can work across borders and across cultures is coming to the forefront of many corporations’ priorities.

In establishing EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd., I hope to enlarge the scope of the company to encompass the whole of Asia. From the central core of Singapore, EQ Partners would like to provide training for 1) global competency, 2) regional competency in Asia, and 3) local competency in each individual Asian country.

Through the experience of our Japan operations and collaboration with Singaporean and Asian universities and corporations, I hope EQ Partners can contribute to the development of your company’s globally competent team that can thrive without regard to the artificial limits of borders and citizenship.

Tetsuya Abe
Founder and Director, EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd
April 2012

Bobby Koh

With the rise of Southeast Asia, China and India in the last decade, venturing into Asia will be a new strategic focus for many MNCs. EQ Partners, Singapore was set up to capture the bountiful resources in Singapore and to provide valuable training programs for Japanese MNCs seeking to venture into Asia. I believe that with the brand name of Singapore as a hub for Asia, where East meets West coupled with the rise of Japanese MNCs setting up their regional headquarters in Singapore, this will be an opportune time for EQ Partners.
EQ Partners’ strength lies in its continuous enhancement and customization of training programs, rich experience in providing training programs to many MNCs such as NTT, NEC, Toshiba, Fujifilm, Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic etc for many years as well as its partnerships with leading educational institutions. In Singapore, I will use my breadth of business experiences to help transform EQ Partners, Singapore into a leading training institute for Japanese MNCs in South-east Asia and for local corporations keen on embracing the successful business models of Japanese MNCs. Lastly, I urge both Japanese MNCs and local corporations, to tap into the rich training resources, skills and programs offered by EQ Partners, Singapore.

Bobby Koh
Director, EQ Partners (Singapore) Pte Ltd
April, 2012

Woeld class Leadership

"World-Class Leadership" is
Leading Yourself, Your Team, the World and Society
EQ Partners strives to create a world in which all people engaged in societal activities express their own leadership regardless of their level or responsibilities.



tel : +65-6866-3743
fax : +65-6829-2121
email :
tel : +65-6866-3743
fax : +65-6829-2121
email :