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1-Day Global Training Series Trial Course (Negotiation, Strategy/Marketing, Leadership)

In recent years when Japan's economy and business is experiencing a slow growth rate, countries such as China and India are experiencing rapid growth in their economy. In order to have a business growth, success in countries such as those mentioned above is indispensable and global talents who support the expansion are highly valued within companies.

We will be holding a global education seminar to introduce the seminars that we have been holding for major manufacturing and communication companies.
Also during this session we would like to introduce Singapore International University's global education program.


Date/Time: December 14th (Friday) 2pm-5pm
Location: Shinbashi (Shinbashi Tokyu Building/Learning Square Shinbashi)


Seminar Schedule

2:00-2:15 Introduction
EQ Partners, Inc. CEO Tetsuya Abe

2:15-3:00 Global Negotiation
Lecturer: Terumi Lascowski

3:00-3:45 Global Strategy Marketing
Lecturer: Satoshi Hayashima

3:45-4:30 Global Leadership
Lecturer: Tetsuya Abe

4:30-5:00 Examples and Q&A

5:00 Conclusion

Lecturer Information

  • Tetsuya Abe
    EQ Partners, Inc. CEO
    Rikkyo University MBA Program Lecturer (Leadership theory)
    BOND University MBA

    Founded EQ Partners Inc. after working for the sales, marketing and foreign trade department of Matsushita Electronics Inc. (Panasonic).
    He has consulted with both global and domestic companies such as NEC, NTT, Toshiba and Fujitsu.

  • Terumi Laskowsky
    EQ Partners Inc. Chief Consultant Lecturer
    University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School MBA
    Arizona State University BSE
    Temple University Visiting Lecturer

    He has held managerial positions in multiple corporations including being a senior systems analyst at Goldman Sachs and director at Swiss Bank Japan.

  • Satoshi Hayashima
    EQ Partners Inc. Chief Consultant Lecturer
    BOND University MBA

    Worked at the R&D and global marketing department at Yokogawa Electronics Inc. Later founded Biz Navi & Company and became the marketing director.

Date: 2012/12/14 (Friday)
Stage Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 4-21-3 Shinbashi Tokyu Building
Stage Name: Shinbashi Tokyu Building/Learning Square Shinbashi
Seminar Fee: Free
Capacity: 30 people

Application deadline: 12/10 (Monday)

Please send an email to to sign-up for the seminar or for any questions